Exhibition Design Tips To Remember

Getting your booth to stand out in the sea of exhibition booths can be tricky. But there is always a way to make an edge given the expected limitations. If you are planning your booth design at the moment, you might want to consider these tips.


  1. Make a floor plan

Every exhibitor are given their own space based on the agreement. From the allotted space, consult with an exhibition stand design company in Dubai and show them the floor plan. Your contractor may be able to provide suggestions based on the size of the area and divide the area per function. If you were given limited space, make use of every inch space. No space should be left unused.


  1. Play around the concept

If you have limited space, you can work around the concept. Having a solid concept that would complement the theme would overpower your space problem. Talk to your contractor about the possible concept. It should be able to represent your company, what you stand for as a team in a very creative manner. It is not advisable to put too many concepts on a single theme as it might confuse the audience. Stick to one concept that would encompass all.


  1. Play around the color

Some designers are stuck with using white and black on exhibition designs. Think outside the box and use some color. However be strategic about doing it. Be sure it is within your brand colors. Ask your contractor how you can strategically incorporate this with on the booth design. It can serve as an accent to complement the theme. There are a lot of ways to use your logo pantone, but do it with class.


  1. Make is simple and meaningful

Maximalist designs can work given that it complements with your concept. But as much as possible, do not overdo it. The cliché less is more might actually work if executed properly. Simple designs is pleasing to the eyes and easy to understand. Try not to be too cluttered and go for a straightforward approach if necessary.


  1. Take advantage of the lights

This is a little complicated to incorporate since the events place or hall are using general bright lights. In order to play with the light, install lighting fixtures on focal points that you want to highlight. Through this, you are creating a story and leading the audience directly to the important areas in the both. Be sure to use the right kind of lighting fixture as not to disrupt the design. Click here to know more exhibition design tips.