2 Key Reasons for startups to implement ISO 14001

It makes sense that for a lot of startups, standards and environmental concerns are not the top most priority. They are rather taken as something to be overlooked and ignored till things settle down a bit and the startup has been reasonably established. For most of the businesses, it is thought that there are inherent risks involved with establishing an EMS and the processes associated with it when you already have the daily stresses to grow the startup and settle.

However, there are 2 key reasons to point out that this is the exact time to avail the benefits that compliance to ISO EMS 14001 2015 and its certification can bring. So, let’s learn about them and get to know the techniques we can adopt to ensure that our startup gets to juice out the maximum.

Why to adopt ISO 14001 during the startup phase?

While comparing bigger organizations to startups, startups have additional whys and wherefores to understand the possible benefits of adhering to the standard. Here are the two key reasons to adopt ISO 14001 in the startup period:

  • Establishment of effective processes: Usually many startups are confused about finding the most effective way to do certain things. It is a tough phase as tasks are too many but ways to do them efficiently are not known properly. However, the guidance provided by the standard can help or assist in developing a systematic methodology of working, by implementing the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” model, forming an excellent foundation for an effective integration of other processes along with EMS. This will not only save time and the cost, both vital for the startup, but will also help in achieving a standardized process to carry out tasks without glitches. For instance, developing a proper purchase process which involves relevant environmental conditions can offer perfect clarity in the early phase of the startup, affirming that purchases made take into account all the relevant elements that can support the organization as well as the lifecycle information.
  • Cost cutting: It is quite obvious that implementing this standard reduces costs in many ways – ISO 45001 consultants can guide you in a better way of you have our doubts – but it aims towards lean operations and minimal defects in processes. Whether your major environmental aspects include cost of travel, utility expenses, packaging, delivery expenses, etc. implementing this standard can assist you in cutting down your costs. Saving such expenses early in your startup development can serve you in the best ways in future, since initial phases are critical to a startup.