5 Easy Hacks To Keep Rats Out Of The House

Rat infestation is a bane for any homeowner. The thought that these rascals are running around the house, eating your food and touching your belongings is unfathomable. Rats bring with them certain illnesses that can be hazardous to family members.

This is why homeowners need to keep these pets out of the house as much as possible. If you are having problems about these running rodents, here are some tips that can help you out:

  • Find their hideout

A top pest control company in Abu Dhabi always advises their clients to find the hiding place of these rodents to eliminate them out of the house. Be sure to check hidden corners and space and watch out for trace of rat faces and food debris eaten by rats. Follow the trail of crumbs and you will know where to attack them.

  • Try using owl’s feathers

Once you are done searching the place and you already spotted their hideout, you can now start the extermination process. For rat control, some pest control company recommend using home remedies and other unusual items. In this case, why not try using owl’s feathers. The owl’s feather can help scare these pets away and drive them out of their hiding place. Placing a feather or two in the holes of these intruders can help.

  • Try pepper

Pepper is more than a spice and a seasoning inside your kitchen cupboard. You can indeed use this ingredient to treat your home of rat infestation. The pungent smell of pepper will help ward of rodents inside your property. Putting a couple of red pepper on these pets hideout would definitely scare them away. Pick a large kind of pepper that emit a strong smell for a more effective approach. But if the hideout is in or near your closet, do not try this trick.

  • Use human hair

Another unusual remedy to drive out these pests is human hair. Human hair is a natural rat repellent. Apparently, the smell of human hair kind of ward of rats and stay away from the site once their see a bunch of human hair near their hideout.

  • Throw out the trash

One of the most effective ways to drive out rats and prevent infestation is to keep your space clean and tidy. Be sure to take out the trash and sweep the space with sanitizer. If you see food debris, take it out immediately.