‘Art’ – The best way to express

Nowadays everyone, in one way or another is trying to express themselves through different things in which art is one of them, as a person, to show the world around them what they are as a human and how they are different from other beings. What they do to express themselves differs from person to person. Some people cook, sing, dance, act, write, even paint. Anything a person enjoys doing and they think that is what we are as a person can be considered art.

As famous as Dubai is for different things, art is one of them. Painting is one of the forms of art people paint to express their feelings and creative mind. Artists are known to express themselves and their emotions through their art.

To encourage people, Dubai holds the largest art fair in the world, every year where artist from all over the world can showcase their art. Arts Dubai can be considered an incomparable event. This form of fairs helps the artist to engage with other famous or even new artists to share everyone’s experience, which may help any artist in some part of their life. This kind of art fairs also opens up many opportunities for many beginner artists so that they can continue doing what they love to do.

The art Dubai fair is one of the largest fairs in the world that happens every year in March. World Art Dubai arrange a breathtaking collection of more than 3,000 artworks from prominent galleries and single artists from over 30 countries with affordable price starting from just $100 onwards. The 2020 edition of Art Dubai went digital due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The 14th edition of Art Dubai will take place in March next year, where new artists can display their beginner painting and can learn much more from all the artists that participated in the fair from all over the world. Art Dubai is the kind of fair where anyone from anywhere can come and display their art, whether that person is a household artist or an internationally well-known artist. Art Dubai occurs under the influence of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE.