How to speak Arabic like a native

When you want to know about IELTS in UAE then you need to first search a good website or tutor who can teach you a good way to learn and you can also go for the lectures to learn to speak Arabic when you are not native to the UAE. Arabic is a difficult language to learn and speak with 28 letters and complicated grammar rules. You have to know about them and then you should know about the following things to get to be able to speak Arabic in a good manner:

First thing is that you have to know about all the letters and their sounds. These sounds are easy to pronounce when you convert them in to English letters and then try to pronounce them. You can do this efficiently when you get lectures from a good lecturer. There are few letters which are not in the English language and for these letters you need to know about their sound. When you get the command on the sound then you will be able to speak. There are some special kinds of sounds which are associated to each letter and to get a command on speaking Arabic language.

Unlike other languages Arabic is a language in which you have to make correct positions of your tongue and your mouth otherwise you will not be able to pronounce those letters. Few of the letters are those which need to be pronounced from your throat and with proper sounds. 

When you want to know about any language then you need to characterize all the 28 letters in few categories. These categories are like having the words with light pronunciation which includes those words which can be converted in to English letters and then can be spoke easily without much effort. Second category is of those words which can be attached with other words in their right of left. These words are also those which have to be spoken with correct tongue position. You can learn these positions through a good tutor or through a good Arabic learning book. Third category is of those words which can be changed by their position; they can change their sound and level of attachment with the next word some words are also fixed no matter where they are positioned, they remain sound same with same meaning.