The importance of lead paint tests

The inhalation or ingestion of lead can cause poisoning and lead to a number of health-related issues. It is commonly found in the paint at your house. When paint sheds or peels off, the lead from it tends to get mixed with the dust around your house. Children have regular hand to mouth activities, which makes it possible for them to ingest lead unknowingly. This deems it necessary for you to get a lead paint test carried out at your house.

Children that are most susceptible to lead poisoning are those that are of 6-years of age or younger than that. Poisoning through lead can severely affect the development of your child’s nervous system, slow down his growth and cause many learning and behavioral disabilities. All these health issues are reason enough for you to know how important testing for lead really is particularly after home painters Dubai work at your place.

Lead can easily merge with soil or dust and cause immense problems in your life. For those of you who are planning to renovate or repaint their place, it is important that you initially take on the services of a certified paint expert and get every single surface that would be sanded, scraped or renovated tested out. All of this is meant for the security of your family so pay attention to it. Paint manufactured these days doesn’t have lead anymore. However, lead is still all around us in the air that we breathe and the objects around us. What’s most dangerous is the fact that you cannot taste, smell or see lead and its particles.

The kind of damages that lead poisoning causes do not appear right away. It takes a lot of time for the symptoms to arise. Plus, when time begins to pass by, the levels of lead rises in the bloodstream, which leads to intensifying health issues and that is when people find out about lead concentration in their children’s bodies. Lead poisoning can cause many different health issues. These include kidney damage, reduced IQ, and slowed body development, hearing impairments and even behavioral issues. There are many children who suffer from high lead levels and even the healthiest children can have lead concentrations in their blood without showing any symptoms.

Lead ingestion occurs in many ways. The most common way, however, is touching a lead dust covered object and then eating something with the very same hand. At places that are being renovated, you can also breathe in lead particles. Breathing in lead is equally dangerous and can also cause the aforementioned health related issues. For these reasons, you must make sure that you get a lead paint test done at your place after painters in Dubai get done with their work. Never move into a new place before getting this test done. Make sure that you live in a clean environment to protect your children at all times.