Basic Facts About Depression That You Should Know

There have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding depression. Most of these myths have been circulated largely in different channels that confuses people and creates a stigma amongst patients who are suffering from this disease.


To expel those myths, people need to dig deep to know what depression really is. Here are some basic facts that can help dispel wrong connotation and clarify vague issues surrounding depression:

Depression is a real disease

When talking about depression, a lot of people would think that “it is all in the head” and not a real disease at all. If you are able to dismiss the thought, you can go on living without it. But the truth is, depression is a disease that needs to be treated by an excellent psychiatrist in Dubai. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance of serotonin which gives people that happy and positive feeling. It is true that external factors like the environment, traumatic events, etc., can add to the worsening of disease but mainly, treating the imbalance is the main key and should be given attention.

Depression is not just about sadness

A lot of people confuse sadness with depression. While it is true that sadness is a symptom of depression, it doesn’t mean that a person feeling sad is depressed. Sadness cause by depression is deep and undefinable. A normal feeling of sadness can go away once the person is able to find an outlet, but sadness due to depression is prolonged and have no triggers. Person suffering from depression can feel sad from weeks to months for no reason at all.

Talking alone cannot solve it

Some people think that they can dispel depression by just talking about it, letting go of the burden they are feeling. They would just talk to a friend and everything will be okay. Although talking is part of depression treatment and therapy, it is not enough. The patient needs to follow a rigid treatment plan to help them manage this disease.

Depression is not contagious

The worst stigma that is attached to depression is the myth that is can be transmitted from one person to another. Although it is branded as a disease or illness, it doesn’t mean that you can get it by just touching a person suffering from it.

Depression can affect people at any age

A lot of people think that depression only affects people at certain age group (e.g. middle-aged to senior years). But the truth is, depression can affect people at any age group and range.