Things you should and shouldn’t eat with PCOS

Health plays a major role when a person is suffering from PCOS not only because overweight can affect their body but the levels of insulin in the body also need to be maintained. The reason behind this is that people with PCOS suffer from diabetes before the age of 40. In such cases maintaining insulin becomes all the more necessary and how the body absorbs it. Here’s how you can manage your diet with foods you should and shouldn’t have:

  • Low carb diet

Even though it isn’t exactly proven which diet can be the perfect pick for people with PCOS but one thing is sure about which foods to have and not have. With a low carb diet you will be able to manage the levels of insulin in the body by not making them rise very high. Have whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and fruits and all the other low carbohydrate foods.

  • Dash Diet

If this is your first time hearing about this diet then just know that this is an approach to help with reducing the risks of heart diseases by stopping hypertension in the body. This diet can include a rich blend of fishes and poultry products along with fruits and vegetables and even whole grains. If you are on a dash diet then you will have to avoid high levels of saturated sugar and fat.

  • Avoid carbohydrates

Avoid carbs as much as possible especially when it is the refined carbohydrates, the one found in mass produced pastries, breads, pastas and what not. As mentioned above, a low carb diet would mean that you are maintaining the sugar and insulin levels in your body which is very important because women with PCOS develop diabetes before the age of 40.

  • Junk food

PCOS diet plan for weight loss will always ask you to stay away from the junk food especially the fried fast foods which include a variety of carbohydrates found in fries, bun of the burgers and all the other things. Don’t forget that junk foods also include the complimentary soda drinks which you receive with the deals. This is very important because fizzy drinks and energy drinks include a high number of sugary syrups to make the body energetic. Sugar is bad for both, insulin levels and the weight gain.