The best nations to get an investment citizenship in

There are a number of nations around the world that allow people to purchase citizenships. The term purchase here means that they will allow people from another nation to carry their passport and be registered as citizens in this country if they are able to invest a certain amount of money in the country. These citizens through investment are free to live in the country if they so wish, but the better use of their passport is the use which it has overseas. So this means that people are able to invest a certain amount of money in the country and then they are able to carry the said passport.

One of the best nations that offer this is Malta. Malta citizenship by investment is very easy to acquire and although the country has been under fire by many other European nations for providing such an option, the passport of Malta still carries a great amount of clout in a number of international venues. The only requirement is that the person who wishes to get a citizenship should be able o invest 1.12 million Euros in the economy of Malta from his own personal wealth. On top of this, the person who wishes to get the citizenship should also be able to prove that he has lived in the country for more than 18 months. After these two conditions are met, he will be given a passport that he may sue around the world.

Another important passport that can be obtained via investment is the passport of Dominica. This nation is a commonwealth nation, so the passport comes with a lot of perks, such as a visa-free entry for a number of high GDP nations, and special treatment in a number of Commonwealth nations. Due to these perks, Dominica citizenship by investment has become a particularly sought after nationality. The only investment required is that of a hundred thousand United States Dollars. There is also a face to face interview with the person requesting the passport, and this is usually done on Dominican soil, so the person will have to travel to the country in order to get their passport. The waiting time is not that high and most people who apply for the passport are able to get one.

Of all the nations that provide passports on investment, these two are considered to be the best return on the investment because they are the best passports, with the least amount of money invested.