Why Urban Planning is a MUST!

The ever-growing urbanization trend has forced administrations of the major global cities to chalk out stringent strategies to plan the mega cities so that they are able to entertain the major influx in future. In this regard, the concept of urban planning has become a really valuable force for the city mayors and their teams. The idea is to attain sustainable development by an efficient utilization of the available resources to build capacity and bring about a difference in the lives of masses. The city administrations use urban planning to minimize municipal budgets to deliver the most on infrastructure development and maintenance, balance growth demands, protect environment, and ensure services investments. If you look at the concept on a macro level in the United Arab Emirates, an urban planner in Dubai is all you need to ensure an environment friendly, well-structured, and efficiently planned project in the city.


Following are some of the advantages of putting into place an efficient and practical urban planning system.


  • All the major mega cities in the world are built in an orderly fashion through a framework. Such frameworks identify the centralized command and control authority and estimate the needs, required efforts, and a strategy to achieve the goal of building a modern city.
  • A planned city will always keep the future needs in check. This gives authorities the ability to stay ahead of time and challenges and tackle any future issues without any hassle.
  • Planning a city needs a momentum which is provided by the elected and appointed officials. Together they make sure that all the infrastructural improvements are on path as mega projects need time so there are times when a management wouldn’t be able to complete a project during their stint and leave the job for the coming management.
  • The right set of rules and laws about land use, density, public space, infrastructure layout, and services always makes a huge impact. Establishing an effective pattern to address citizens’ concerns is a gateway to a better urbanization.
  • A planned city will always have a stronger economy than unplanned vicinity. Investors prefer putting in their financial resources in a city which has the basic infrastructure and spatial way to ensure proper distribution of economic activity.
  • A consistent set of policies lead to credibility and trust among the masses. A stable roadmap attracts bigger chunks of investment which offers transparent opportunities to the overall society.


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