5 Fun Activities For Your Baby’s Development

Babies have the ability to learn ever since they are born. But even though they have the mental capacity, their motor skills are not yet fully developed so they need all the help all they can get to enhance their abilities and meet their learning milestones.

Here are some learning activities that competent Dubai nannies recommend for parents to aid their baby’s development:

  1. Rattle play


Rattles are essential and must-have toy for babies, especially for newborn babies. The color and the sound of the rattle can help develop your baby’s reflexes and hand-eye coordination. The usual practice that most parents do is leaving the baby to play the rattle. But you can level it up a notch by shaking the rattle in a reasonable distance and calling out your baby’s name until you catches his/her attention. When doing this play, provide positive reinforcements. Although your baby doesn’t understand what you are saying, they would be able to feel your encouragement and excitement.


  1. Hanging tree


As your baby gets older, his/her motor skills are also developing, especially in grasping things. You can help your little one improve his/her grasp and refine his/her coordination by practicing reaching. The hanging tree activity is a known activity for baby sensory in Dubai. And this game is pretty simple to set up and do. You just need a wool yarn to hang at least three colorful and interesting-looking toys in a structure. Raise your baby and encourage him/her to touch and move the toy.

  1. Tube and ball


This activity is very ideal for kids ages 10-12 months. By this time, your baby is able to grasp things and is starting to take his/her first steps. His/her curiosity is also showing and probably wondering how things works. The tube and ball activity can help your growing baby to understand cause and effect and object performance. Simply create a tube or a pipe that can fit a number of tennis balls. Put one end of the pipe in a container and let the ball roll or go through it. Instruct your kid to do it himself/herself. Once the ball passed through the pipe and fall in the container, ask your kid what happened. Let him/her explain in his/her own language. If they are having a hard time explaining, you can describe what happened and let them repeat your explanation.


  1. Toy packing

Babies are also born with the ability to communicate. Although it not as sophisticated as for how the adults do it, babies express their emotions by crying and babbling. As they get older, they will be using pre-verbal communication gestures. One way to enhance your little one’s communication skills is by helping them identify objects. The toy packing is a simple indoor activity that parents used to improve their kid’s language proficiency. By simply putting the toys in a bag and saying out loud what this object is, you are enriching your baby’s vocabulary and also encouraging him/her to clean up his/her playpen.