Interesting facts about figure skating

Figure skating is a completely different sport in which skaters slide on the ice. There is separate figure skating clothes for the sportsmen. Therefore, there are gymnastics leotards for girls in shops and stores. There are many interesting facts about figure skating that can glue your eyes and increase your knowledge. Scroll down to read eight interesting facts about it!

  • Figure skating is one of the oldest game in the Olympics. It became part of the game festival in 1908, 16 years before the formal beginning of Olympics.
  • Skates were used to move from one place to another place in icy lands. According to scientists and historians, Finnish used to make skates of animal bones so that they can move by gliding on frozen lakes.
  • Before E.V. Bushnell, there was no secure clip that could hold blades beneath the skates due to which people injured their feet when wear skates. Therefore, there was no figure skating at that time. The sport came in the world when Bushnell invented a secure clip that could hold blades in the skates.
  • Although Ice skating came in Olympics after 1976, its concept dated back to 1880s when a Vienna Skating Club had skated on ice to imitate Waltz.
  • Ice skating dominates men and women. Initially, male skaters were allowed to take part. In 1896, one competitor achieved a position in St. Petersburg. In 1902, women were allowed to compete and Magde Syers achieve the second position. After three years, women division was introduced in ice skating events.
  • Male skaters jump with the pressure of 1000 lbs. they weigh more than 150 pounds. That’s why don’t go near them when they are landing.
  • The blade of figure skates is visible at the front. The visit edgy part is called “toe pick”. It helps the sportsmen to stop and pivot.
  • Some steps demand too much flexibility due to which women are more successful to accomplish them than male. Take an example of layback spin. The skaters have to apply pressure of spinal or vertebral column and lean on shoulders to bend at a great deal. Therefore women are master in it.

So, these are the top eight facts of figure skating. Figure skating is one of the most difficult sport and both genders are excelling in it.