Leading Health Problems in Dubai

The average temperature in Dubai in summer is around 38 °C, which is 100 °F. It is extremely hot in Dubai, so heat strokes, sunburn, and exhaustion are very common. People get used to the heat and adapt with methods of resisting extreme heat from the sun. Clean air is also a problem in Dubai because of dust from the desert. Therefore, respiratory problems are quite common too.  According to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), heart diseases, injuries, and depression have become more apparent than they were more than 20 years ago. Are you visiting your physician? Take a look at these leading health problems in Dubai to know what to watch out for.


If you thought that the U.S. is the only country that has a huge problem with obesity then you’re mistaken. The obesity rate in the UAE  is about double the world average. The people of Dubai have a passive lifestyle and poor diet, which automatically leads to weight gain. Obesity is just the beginning of serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Mental health

The whole world is concerned with mental health. Especially teenagers experience mental breakdowns more and more often. Depression and psychological disorders are leading concerns for the people of Dubai. In UAE, nearly 18% of population is depressed. Dubai is a big business center and the corporate world is a cause for depression. To overcome depression, it is for the best to seek the help of professionals. If you live in Dubai and notice a decrease in your productivity and continuous flow of negative thoughts, get professional help.

Cardiovascular diseases

Obesity, excessive smoking and hypertension increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that nine out of ten people in Dubai have or at least are in danger of cardiovascular diseases. Such diseases usually go unnoticed and patients don’t find out about it until the disease reaches the serious stage.


Any list of leading health problems in any city or country has cancer in it. This disease kills the most people in UAE. Breast, colorectal, lung and cervical cancer types take the lives of the people of Dubai. Fortunately, constant screenings can discover the disease in its early stages and prevent it.


Health is an essential thing in our lives. The busy working days and lack of walking in Dubai affects health and being aware of them is the first step toward staying healthy and happy.