Travel Tips to Visit Dubai

“If I could travel for free, you’d never see me,” this is the case for a lot of people. Having the opportunity to see the world and not make the best out of it is a sin. It has become rather conventional to start the traveling from must-see cities and Dubai is definitely one of them. Whether you want a lazy vacation or to experience the culture, Dubai is a go-to option. It’s got the beaches, the food, the malls and of course, the Middle Eastern culture. You won’t regret a second of your trip in Dubai. It’s always good to be prepared for trips in advance, as it takes away the stress and worries from you. If you are planning your trip to Dubai then I’d suggest you read very closely to learn some useful tips.

Plan your visit between October and April

I know that you might have expected to see summer months but if you fly to Dubai in summer, your whole vacation will consist of staying in shade and drinking cold water. The perfect temperature is during the “winter” season. It is not too hot to cause heat strokes and not so chilly, either. Speaking of dates, try to book your flight 6 months before the trip if possible. The flights and hotels will be cheaper since it is the beginning of the holiday season.


In Dubai, taxis are the most common mean of transportation. Keep in mind that Dubai is a huge city and drivers are not expected to know every single place in the city. Besides giving them the address or the name of the restaurant, let’s say, tell them what it is close to, any big landmark would be fine.

Watch your behavior

When on vacation, we tend to get a little reckless. In Dubai, you really need to show proper behavior starting from taking a picture to drinking alcohol. Don’t do anything disrespectful, don’t drink in public and don’t take photos of strangers without their permission. Even tipping can be considered offensive in Dubai, so look carefully if the tip is included in your bill. Tipping taxi drivers is not so acceptable, luggage carriers, on the other hand, expect a small amount.


No matter where in the world you go, there are going to be some restrictions and Dubai is not an exception. Just show acceptable attitude toward their city and culture and you’ll be fine.